Naima; meaning new mother, helps expecting and new mothers interact with certified pregnancy coaches ( Lamaze, CAPPA, Garbhsanskar etc), gynaecologists, nutritionists, psychologists; and provides access to lessons and live classes which ensure learning. To know the benefits of pregnancy coaching, click here.



After registration you will see the Expected Date and Days Left for delivery at the top of your screen.

Below that are your Health Logs: Mood, Water, Weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Hemoglobin. Enter your Mood and Water daily. Blood pressure, Blood sugar and Hemoglobin should be entered whenever you take those. Health logs are required for coaches and health experts to understand your background before they advice.


Click the naima button at the botttom of the screen to start your free Emotional Health Evaluation. Answer the questions and you will get your Emotional Health score. Your Score will be seen when you click the Analytics button. Repeat this test once a week.

STEP 3. Chat with Pregnancy Coach

Click Chat button in home screen to reach the chat screen. Here you can chat with pregnancy coach, naima customer care and other health specialists. You can attach lab or ultra sound reports to send to your coach or health specilaist. You can talk to naima care for help on using the app or for any help you need regarding your pregnancy. You can also also ask naima care for getting a new doctor or pediatrician.

STEP 4. Birth plan with Lessons and QUIZZES

Click Access Your Birth Plan and reach the Birth Plan screen. Here you will find lessons for all Trimesters. Click on First Trimester Nutrition and then the arrow button at the bottom right of the screen to start your first lesson. Once you complete a lesson, other lessons will open one by one. You can start from the first trimester because some of the lessons in the first trimester will help you through our your pregnancy. Some lessons will have audios. Listen to the audios and repeat if necessary. Quizzes will be there at the end of each lesson to make sure that you remember what you learned. You can repeat a quizz if you want to. 

Baby Bytes

You can find baby bytes on the home screen at the bottom. These are short articles which provide pregnancy information based on your progress. You will see baby bytes for past days till your current day of pregnancy. Scroll on the days before your current day to see previous baby bytes. The next day's baby byte will be open to you as days progress.

naima care:  +91. 8828116771