Heart warming Covid tales from mothers.

MUMBAI, INDIA, April 2020. 

The newborn in this heart warming pic was delivered by a Coronavirus positive mother at Aurangabad Civil Hospital. A health professional is seen connecting the baby and mother over a video call. The baby tested negative. 


This is just one of the emotional experiences of mothers amidst the Coronavirus crisis.

In Mumbai, a group of mothers from Unimo, an online Facebook community, and network partner to Matra Technologies, a maternal health tech  start-up,  donated breast milk to a newborn whose mother died during childbirth in Mumbai, during the lockdown.

These mothers broke norms, they travelled to feed the baby, taking turns, driven by what can only be, the power of motherly love.


While we are aware of medical professionals and delivery staff taking extraordinary steps as part of their jobs to support our lives; such acts from mothers, even when not required by a job, deserve at least equal praise.


Unimo and Matra Technologies, an IIT-Bombay incubated start-up are now working on making pregnancy assistance available to mothers, virtually free of cost.