Naima; meaning new mother, is the world’s first Artificial intelligence driven pregnancy coaching platform.

Naima helps expecting and new mothers interact with certified pregnancy coaches ( Lamaze, CAPPA, Garbh sanskar etc), gynaecologists, nutritionists, psychologists; and provides access to lessons and live classes which ensure learning.

Naima is developed by a doctor and public health specialist who are alums of Harvard and Columbia University; with work experience at companies such as Google-Boston and Ernst & Young, New York.

Pregnancy Coaches on naima will motivate and persuade mothers to adopt doctor's advice and clinically proven preventive health practices that help reduce pregnancy-related risks.



Grow your practice: Increase your reach to mothers and access upto 100 new pregnancies, IVF cases every year. (Contact us to Activate.)

Reduce doctor switching: Implement methods to prevent patients from switching doctors.


Next generation Patient Education: Develop virtual reality content for a superlative patient education, and personalized campaigns on facebook and other channels to grow your practice. (Contact us to Activate.)

AI Screening for perinatal depression

Naima is the only maternal health app globally, which screens for perinatal depression. naima’s Artificial Intelligence driven digital assistant will ask questions based on a clinical scale, and assess depression; a crucial but often neglected factor which affects breastfeeding, child bonding, child development, and can cause heart problems.

ANALYTICS & Research

Trend analysis of factors which lead to health risks such as oligohydraminios, perinatal depression, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, overweight.

Collaborate on new research topics and publish results.


Maintain separate communication channel with mothers, away from your personal channels such as whatsapp. Chat with mothers directly on naima, with easy access to Health documents such as lab reports, ultrasound reports or just about anything.


Only maternal health app where communications comply with HIPAA -the highest level of Privacy and security standards in healthcare.

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